Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What to wear when... you’re hungover

Alcohol. Oh alcohol. You are a terrible, terribly amazing, comforting cruel intoxicating substance.
And sometimes it gets the better of us, this is a fact. A well known fact.
And unfortunately after these nights of joy come days of hell. Again, a fact.
(Unless you neck a pint of Berroca and water before going to sleep, works a treat).

Anyway these hell-days, as they shall now be referred as, often require actually leaving your home and braving the real world. And, even worse, you need to attempt to look respectable.
This is wear the hangover dressing comes in. 

Unlike regular dressing, it isn’t about looking good. Neither is it about the latest trends or your favourite shoes.

No, it is about making the least amount of effort possible to clothe yourself whilst nursing that nausea and headache and comforting your damaged insides.
So boys and girls, don’t fool yourselves into thinking this is gunna be easy. Here are the 5 top items to help your through this tough time:

1.    The Non-Skinny Jean.
Say no to tight things. They require effort, pulling etc. not worth it.
I recommend the secret sweatpants or tracksuit bottoms at the bottom of your wardrobe, everyone should have them. Comfortable and useful for emergency dashes to go hug the loo.
In an ideal world I’d be wearing some baggy leather trousers from J Brand:

2.    The Slip On Shoe
This is very weather dependent but the most obvious choices would be winter = Uggs/converse, summer = flip flops. Don’t question it, go with it.
Let’s go with some comfy suede Jimmy Choos:

3.    The Sleeveless Top
sleeves are also unnecessarily hard, this is a known fact. Go sleeveless and allow that breeze to waft away that alcoholic aroma around you.
How about this calf hair Helmut Lang number:

4.    The Warmth
So you decided to get trashed in December? Well now you must pay for that. Sleeves aren’t optional anymore therefore find your biggest, comfiest jumper or hoodie and wear with pride.
A Team Slimane hoodie will do nicely methinks:

5.    The Random Accessory
This is isn’t so much a tip as a warning. I’ve known many a (very) hungover person to try and counter their feelings of hangover by carrying a random accessory. These include, but are not restricted to – fur trapper hat, mug (with or without tea), perfume/cologne bottle, bunny ears, more berroca, dressing gown, the list goes on. If it feels right, embrace it. Hangovers can make you weird.
I recommend the following embellished mask, amazingly pom pomed hat, and some alligator gloves. Because why not.

The rest is up to you. Remember, the best accessory is always water and Panadol.


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Smarten Tartan

Scotland is so chic right now. Tartan, plaid, check – whatever you want to call it. That’s that fashion is telling me so I’m running with it. Heck Pharrell just got married in it.

I'd marry him even wearing that...

In the past tartan prints may have been the choice for rocker types and the octogenarians but the revival of modern grunge in the last few seasons has seen it shoot up the fashion agenda. Yes we saw punk coming months and months ago but this is probably as punk as I’m going to get so let’s just embrace it for a moment.

It took me quite a bit of time to finally cave into this ubiquitous print but now ZARA has persuaded me to give it a shot and this is how I’ll be wearing it. 

 Steering far away from denim and biker boots as well as granny blouses and veering more towards the sports luxe look helped by New Balance. 


Turns out they move well - more of a star-jump than a lunge but who's counting

These little guys are the BEST. Get them here

I have a bad feeling I may look back in about a year say “whaaat was I thinking??” but for now at least they’re my jazzy pants. And everyone needs a pair of those.

If you fancy them yourself they’re under £30 - who can resist that I ask?
Also the clutch is ZARA and shirt bought somewhere in Hong Kong...

So will you be trying it? Can I pull it off? Tell me!


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Jump to it

A funny thing has been happening over the past couple of seasons and this has been the rise of the statement jumper. The obvious cases incluing Kenzo tiger motifs and Givenchy’s bambi designs. And let’s not forget about Brian Lichtenberg’s satirical designer mock ups loved by celebrities such as Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

The jumper has become a luxury item that people are willing to pay big bucks for, often over four-figures. They have replaced the It-bag with their cult status.

However, as much as I appreciate a fabulously over the top creation I won’t be able to get away from their original purpose – warmth. And thankfully there’s been a heap of yummy jumpers floating around for me to take my pick.

The large roll neck is a favourite, so perfect for battling the winter ahead and thankfully ZARA has a few goodies in store.

These 3 are all from asos, if someone could please buy the black and white fluffy one I would greatly appreciate seeing it in the flesh.

Here are a couple of ZARA beauties - the bigger the neck, the better. There are so many more too so go have a look yourself.

This little guy is by Dondup and can be found at Yoox apparently it seems to be able to be worn either way round which seems pretty genius to me.

The four above are pretty luxury, l-r: Wear this Opening Ceremony number to re-live Anna Wintour's first Vogue cover; This Balenciaga knit looks so delicious I could eat it; A classic Brian number; finally, creme de la creme ethnic chic in Rodarte's creation (and a steal at £2350).

Which ones will you choose?


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hedi the Rebel

Much of the controversy of Slimane’s taking the reigns over at Saint Laurent (RIP Yves) and so it’s now easier to actually appreciate what clothes they have been creating over the past year. Firstly, Slimane is a bit of a rockstar or perhaps his collections for the rocker woman is so convincing I’ve accepted it as his persona.

All over leather rocker Saint Laurent A/W 13

Saint Laurent 80s princess with a masculine edge

Then there’s the campaign starring Courtney Love, the epitome of female rocker, and the ever-controversial Marilyn Manson for A/W 2013. And let’s not forget the rebel of the model world Cara Delevingne.

Basically the rebel is here to stay, but with a concurrent nod to the classic YSL throughout shown this specifically season with tuxedo jackets, one shouldered dresses and a jazzy lip print. The Spring 2014 Paris show combining this with an 80s referencing.

And let’s not forget those kitten heels.

Itty bitty 80s heels at Saint Laurent

What do you think – will Slimane’s rocker aesthetic keep us interested? Or have you already purchased one of these…?


Smart Sparkles

This is a cute way to incorporate a snazzy pair of shorts into a fairly smart evening ensemble. Simples. 

Also a good shirt works wonders. Smartens anything up and suddenly you can be sophisticated as sh*t.

Lungeability –9
Excellent flexibility allowed, important for scampering away from a particularly dull company at a smart event. The shorts tassels also add an interesting dynamic.

Don’t laugh, we’ve all been there. Just me? Ok

Shirt - Theory
Shorts - River Island 
Shoes - Kat Maconie 
Earrings - market in Italy