Sunday, 1 December 2013

Because Running is Fun...?

So it's that time of year again... Happy 1st December!
And maybe you've signed up for a half or full marathon.
Or maybe you're starting to think that after all these mince pies you should.
Or perhaps you're really not bothered at all.

Well, the beauty of exercise is that there's always some fun version of it, like Zumba – I hear it’s just dancing.
Even though doing a sponsored run is a fulfilling achievement, you may need a little more persuasion to sign up and do it.
Here are where the fun runs come in and there are so many to choose from, all over the UK, all different themes and different distances.

Run in the Dark:

This run raises money for the Mark Pollock Trust which funds spinal cord research. The story of Mark is pretty amazing – a keen sportsman from Northern Ireland until he was totally blind at age 22 although continuing to compete, winning two rowing Commonwealth medals in 2002 and becoming the first blind man to reach the South Pole.
A tragic fall left him paralysed in 2010 although he continues to be a motivational speaker and advocate for spinal research. Check out his website for more information.

The Run in the Dark is a great event which takes place, obviously, in the dark. I did the run in November and can say it was truly amazing. Everyone wears flashing lights and glowsticks so there is a sea of light all around you. Very cool. 

You can either do 5 or 10k and it takes place in multiple cities all over the world – look out for it next year, early places are now on sale.

The Colour Run:

This cheerful run has four locations around the UK throughout summer taking inspiration from the Hindu Holi festival. Raising money for Stand Up to Cancer it is a 5k untimed run with participants covered in different coloured paints at each km and given coconut water at the finish, what’s not to love? 
Check it out here

Tough Mudder
One for the badasses. Can’t say I have the confidence to sign up quite yet.
It’s a super hardcore obstacle course testing all over strength and fitness of participants. The course is completed in teams and complies of around 12 miles of hellish fire, ice, walls, electric shocks and plenty of mud. If that seems appealing then you’re crazy enough to do it. 
Money goes to Help for Heroes in the UK and the Wounded Warrior Project with worldwide events, and guess what there’s even the option to give an entrance as a Christmas present, now who wouldn’t want to open that on Christmas day? Exactly, get buying.