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Monday, 23 December 2013

Pre-January Sale Sales

I haven’t updated in a while and this can be put down to two things: hideous university work. And I’m lazy. 

Oh well, things have a way of reappearing when you least expect it and I think the last few days of 2013 need some appreciation and attention before the inevitable ‘fresh starts’ of the New Year. Now is the time to forgo any New years resolutions and do exactly the opposite, e.g. eat lots of food and spend lots of money on fun things.

I’m not an expert on the food front (you’d have to ask Higella about that) but I’m much more familiar with the latter.
But you know what’s better than buying things full price? Yes, buying them on sale.
And because the world of retail appears to be speeding up every year you now don’t have to wait until January for the January sales. Great thinking there.

So without further ado here is the very scientific and specific 2013 pick of the pre-sale sales:

We begin at the mothership of online shopping - ASOS
What to buy you say? Well just about EVERYTHING is on sale so go ahead and spend endless hours browsing crop tops and creepers. 
Or you could accept that a good coat or jacket will do the trick for the cold months ahead.

 This blue one will do nicely for Spring too, down from £85 to £42.50:

Or how about finally embracing the coat trend of A/W 2013 - teddy bear coats. This emerald number is a steal down to £45 from £90:

And this one has many materials and leopard print which is always pleasing, was £150 now £90:

What was that? You want to dress like Rihanna and Cara? 
(Really? Like is this a thing people want to do? I never understood the lure of the tracksuit).
Anyway, you can make it look somewhat more slick by heading to Browns.

       Cara and unidentified friends                                         

SEEEEE identical.
The jumper is half price (silly Cara bought too early) to £50.
While you're at it how about pick up a sports-chic top from Les Plus Dores NYC from £70 to £50.
I'll take Van Noten thankyou.

Whilst we're on my Christmas list and you're checking out Harvey Nichols I would very much appreciate this Kara pouch and Juicy Couture beach dress, both 30% off in the 'pre-sale' - it ENDS TODAY (Monday 23rd) so hop to it!

Another sale-heavy website at the moment is Whistles, it's been on a while so there's not a huge amount of sizes left but always worth a look (slash if you're procrastinating).
Highlights include the Slate print pieces, seen here in the top (down to £80) and the trousers (£85), so Stella McCartney A/W '13. 

Without forgetting their ubiquitous camo print of this season, unfortunately most of it is sold out now but there is a pretty camo-esque top still around that I wouldn't mind opening on Christmas day down from £135 to £80:

To go with the above shirt I'd then maybe hop on over to Kurt Geiger, where again everything seems to be on sale, to get some snazzy new pull-ons, because you can never have too many right?

And then, why the hell not, this AMAZING rucksack because it's soft and lovely and I want it very much, was £200 now £119: 

And it essentially turns you into an Olsen twin due to it's similarity with the Row's own slightly most expensive versions.

And, finally, yes I know it's gone too fast, head on over to Net-a-porter because nothing bad ever happens there. 
If you really want to find a bargain then it's clear that you should find the most expensive thing on sale because you'll save thousands, it's basic maths.
I really think this Gucci would look fetching on you:

And you could save over £6000. 
Every little helps.


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Because Running is Fun...?

So it's that time of year again... Happy 1st December!
And maybe you've signed up for a half or full marathon.
Or maybe you're starting to think that after all these mince pies you should.
Or perhaps you're really not bothered at all.

Well, the beauty of exercise is that there's always some fun version of it, like Zumba – I hear it’s just dancing.
Even though doing a sponsored run is a fulfilling achievement, you may need a little more persuasion to sign up and do it.
Here are where the fun runs come in and there are so many to choose from, all over the UK, all different themes and different distances.

Run in the Dark:

This run raises money for the Mark Pollock Trust which funds spinal cord research. The story of Mark is pretty amazing – a keen sportsman from Northern Ireland until he was totally blind at age 22 although continuing to compete, winning two rowing Commonwealth medals in 2002 and becoming the first blind man to reach the South Pole.
A tragic fall left him paralysed in 2010 although he continues to be a motivational speaker and advocate for spinal research. Check out his website for more information.

The Run in the Dark is a great event which takes place, obviously, in the dark. I did the run in November and can say it was truly amazing. Everyone wears flashing lights and glowsticks so there is a sea of light all around you. Very cool. 

You can either do 5 or 10k and it takes place in multiple cities all over the world – look out for it next year, early places are now on sale.

The Colour Run:

This cheerful run has four locations around the UK throughout summer taking inspiration from the Hindu Holi festival. Raising money for Stand Up to Cancer it is a 5k untimed run with participants covered in different coloured paints at each km and given coconut water at the finish, what’s not to love? 
Check it out here

Tough Mudder
One for the badasses. Can’t say I have the confidence to sign up quite yet.
It’s a super hardcore obstacle course testing all over strength and fitness of participants. The course is completed in teams and complies of around 12 miles of hellish fire, ice, walls, electric shocks and plenty of mud. If that seems appealing then you’re crazy enough to do it. 
Money goes to Help for Heroes in the UK and the Wounded Warrior Project with worldwide events, and guess what there’s even the option to give an entrance as a Christmas present, now who wouldn’t want to open that on Christmas day? Exactly, get buying.


Monday, 18 November 2013

You're Invited to the Nike Party

So you need some new trainers but don’t know what to get? 

Let’s discuss your options.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Nike. (But should be).

First up the Free Runs, an easy little shoe but not so good for impact. Personally I'd enjoy wearing causally, exercise isn’t always the aim. Enjoy the following examples, plain black, super brights and patterns are all excellent.

Now the lunarglides, shown as models 3 (black and pink in first photo) and 5 (below). Good supportive shoe if you have knee problems or your feet tend to roll in (overpronate) as you run, like running (or jumping) on air, solid air.

Air maxes. Very edgy. So you should probably buy them if you want to look cool. Also like walking on cushions. So would go well on a hangover. Come in millions of colours and patterns. Very jealous of Victoria Beckham's metallic.

Overall lunarglide is probably best for more intense activity like runs, free runs decent for the gym or casual, and air maxes for casual (and comfy). Yes you could get this information from Niketown, but why do that when you can learn from the comfort of your bed?

Guys can also enjoy this unisex trend so don't shy away from BRIGHTS:

Edgy juxtaposition with the cigarette butts and wine bottle (I claim neither)

Don’t forget there really are other trainer brands than Nike.
Stella McCartney for Adidas is a goody for more chic sneaks.


Assisted by Alexandra Barbour  

Saturday, 9 November 2013

From Paris with Love

Paris has got be my favourite city in the world, I think if I bothered to learn French properly I could happily live there forever.

It has a particular magical vibe to it that’s hard to pin down with the Eiffel Tour as a beacon of romance, endless shops that are just a little bit more cool than anywhere else, a hearty attitude to food and drink and endless wonders to gaze at along the streets and riverbanks.

I took a trip back to the City of Lights this October to visit some friends and was just as excited as ever to explore the city.

As it was only for a long weekend plenty of planning was required to make the most of each day, and night, and it definitely paid off. I recommend having a good google and checking out blogs for the best kept city secrets beforehand especially if you need to squeeze in as much shopping time as possible. October is also pretty ideal time to go, not hitting the expensive Christmas season but also just cold enough to wrap up in some delicious coats.

Colette is chic

Yes, Le Meurice

H.A.N.D. (Have a nice day) does the BEST HANGOVER BURGERS EVER

Shopping at the fascinating Marché aux Puces

Pont de l’Archevêché

Hotel Costes

Re-fueling at Cafe Angelina 

The very cool Merci

Tips: Café Angelina on Rue de Rivoli is renowned for their chocolat chaud the queues are beyond crazy so either go really early or don’t bother.
Taxi’s are crazy difficult to get at night so if you’re staying out late know how to walk home!
Some nightclubs in Paris are pretty snobby about whether you are actually French or not, so check that before going. Both of these lessons were learnt the hard way…

Top 5:
1.     The Louvre – go early or be prepared to queue
2.     Hotel Costes – sick snails, so worth it
3.     Rue Saint-Honoré – lots of shops what more do you want (including the amazing Colette)
4.     Pont de l’Archevêché – who wouldn’t want to put a padlock on a bridge?
5.     Le Meurice – go have a drink it’s divine, or afternoon tea perhaps

…Or, just stroll along the streets, by the Seine, see the Eiffel Tour at night. It’s beautiful (duh).