Thursday, 23 January 2014

How To Be Fit Now

Let's get fit - people like to make a lot of New Year's resolutions about that.
I’m not one to take too many selfies during a workout à la Adriana but I share some rather fundamental and excellent tips with you that I’ve gathered over the years.

First of all being abroad in a warm place is the perfect place to kick off some fitness or improve on yourself. The heat makes you work harder and when you eventually fly home it will seem much easier. 

Key point – sweat is good. Embrace the sweat.
And obv if you’re embracing sweat you need to embrace water too, lots of it, to keep hydrated. Maybe even a rehydration sachet afterword if you’ve really pushed it.

Sprint training along any road is perfect as it doesn’t need to take long and can be done anywhere.
Try sprinting for 2 lamppost lengths and jogging slowly between one. The changing heart rate is the bomb for fitness and can be done properly in 20 minutes.
Doing smaller intervals up hills is even better. Learn to love an incline. 
Sprinting for 10/20/30 seconds full blast up a steep hill and jogging back down (repeating for as long as you can) is enough to see improvements really quickly.

If you’re abroad and staying by a beach then it’s the perfect surface for fitness, the resistance of the sand making you work harder but you also get to enjoy some cracking scenery. Win-win.
Doing it first thing in the morning is ideal due to it being cooler and there’s not as many sunbathers to avoid as later in the day.

It’s ideal to incorporate strength training alongside any cardio. 
Repeat after me: weights are friends not foe. 
If you want to tone (who doesn't?) then it is so necessary.

I apologise for the following image (and if you've already seen it) but you need to know if you don't already:

From the MTV VMAs in August, on the left a booty owned by Lady Gaga, on the right, something on Miley Cyrus. Take your pick (Gaga does weights).

At home if you’re a member of a gym sign up to some weights classes like body pump to get motivated. 
You’ll find muscles you never knew you had.

Whilst traveling you may be without gym gear but your own body weight does perfectly, including moves such as the classic push up, sit up, plank, lunges, squats and tonnes more moves. If you're at home there are so many youtube videos about quick exercise moves requiring no equipment to make it super easy.
Or how about taking a break half way through a run to find some space and get to it.

Jog on.