Saturday, 9 November 2013

From Paris with Love

Paris has got be my favourite city in the world, I think if I bothered to learn French properly I could happily live there forever.

It has a particular magical vibe to it that’s hard to pin down with the Eiffel Tour as a beacon of romance, endless shops that are just a little bit more cool than anywhere else, a hearty attitude to food and drink and endless wonders to gaze at along the streets and riverbanks.

I took a trip back to the City of Lights this October to visit some friends and was just as excited as ever to explore the city.

As it was only for a long weekend plenty of planning was required to make the most of each day, and night, and it definitely paid off. I recommend having a good google and checking out blogs for the best kept city secrets beforehand especially if you need to squeeze in as much shopping time as possible. October is also pretty ideal time to go, not hitting the expensive Christmas season but also just cold enough to wrap up in some delicious coats.

Colette is chic

Yes, Le Meurice

H.A.N.D. (Have a nice day) does the BEST HANGOVER BURGERS EVER

Shopping at the fascinating Marché aux Puces

Pont de l’Archevêché

Hotel Costes

Re-fueling at Cafe Angelina 

The very cool Merci

Tips: Café Angelina on Rue de Rivoli is renowned for their chocolat chaud the queues are beyond crazy so either go really early or don’t bother.
Taxi’s are crazy difficult to get at night so if you’re staying out late know how to walk home!
Some nightclubs in Paris are pretty snobby about whether you are actually French or not, so check that before going. Both of these lessons were learnt the hard way…

Top 5:
1.     The Louvre – go early or be prepared to queue
2.     Hotel Costes – sick snails, so worth it
3.     Rue Saint-Honoré – lots of shops what more do you want (including the amazing Colette)
4.     Pont de l’Archevêché – who wouldn’t want to put a padlock on a bridge?
5.     Le Meurice – go have a drink it’s divine, or afternoon tea perhaps

…Or, just stroll along the streets, by the Seine, see the Eiffel Tour at night. It’s beautiful (duh).