Thursday, 17 October 2013

Smarten Tartan

Scotland is so chic right now. Tartan, plaid, check – whatever you want to call it. That’s that fashion is telling me so I’m running with it. Heck Pharrell just got married in it.

I'd marry him even wearing that...

In the past tartan prints may have been the choice for rocker types and the octogenarians but the revival of modern grunge in the last few seasons has seen it shoot up the fashion agenda. Yes we saw punk coming months and months ago but this is probably as punk as I’m going to get so let’s just embrace it for a moment.

It took me quite a bit of time to finally cave into this ubiquitous print but now ZARA has persuaded me to give it a shot and this is how I’ll be wearing it. 

 Steering far away from denim and biker boots as well as granny blouses and veering more towards the sports luxe look helped by New Balance. 


Turns out they move well - more of a star-jump than a lunge but who's counting

These little guys are the BEST. Get them here

I have a bad feeling I may look back in about a year say “whaaat was I thinking??” but for now at least they’re my jazzy pants. And everyone needs a pair of those.

If you fancy them yourself they’re under £30 - who can resist that I ask?
Also the clutch is ZARA and shirt bought somewhere in Hong Kong...

So will you be trying it? Can I pull it off? Tell me!