Saturday, 21 September 2013

Back to Basics

So how to dress for the evening? Here is one of my fallbacks – short dress big jacket.

It’s a pretty simple combo and has been known to work basically EVERYTIME with heels, flats, whatever. 
I wore this for a fairly formal family dinner (alliteration booya) but would totally work it for drinks with friends, a date or an overdressed night at home (they are the best – trust).

The dress has a nice silky feel while the blazer is velvet so making this a particular favourite of friends who like to stroke soft things. Everybody wins.

Cool! Nature has its own wind machine - wind!

I know I know, looks like Bulgari but is in fact from Mecca

*freckles not included

Dress & necklace– ZARA
Blazer – Theory
Shoes – Kat Maconie
Watch – Burberry
Bracelet - Monica Viander

Go forth and work out the most simple of fashion equations:
Small dress + big jacket = the easy answer for an evening look.