Thursday, 19 September 2013

In The Beginning...

This blog was created in the face of an online world which fully embraces blogs with new ones springing up everyday. However, although many of these blogs excel at their own particular focus I became weary with an ongoing slog of fashion blogs where the creator persistently uploads pictures of themselves wearing the newest trends. But what is the point of logging on to emulate someone else? Jog on. 

So, in response The Lunge has been born with an aim to go further with fashion, literally – sometimes we need a physical test on clothes. Alongside a central fashion element is a health and exercise focus that is ever more present in today’s society. Fashion so often overlooks a healthy attitude but I believe that they can be so easily and positively intertwined to mold healthy, fashionable lives.

Linking the two worlds of fashion and health seems the next logical step in exploring today’s trends and lifestyles.
The Lunge motto: work out to look beautiful; look beautiful when you work out.