Monday, 30 September 2013

"Help me I’m poor" – Sport for the needy

Ok so not that needy, but still, money does nada grow on trees and as a current student I am well aware of the need to spend less.

A major concern about where to save the cash is on exercise. Gym memberships also do not grow on trees and frankly even when you do have one how many of the dozens of machines do you actually use??

Let’s explore the treadmill. It is running. Running which can be done anywhere. ANYWHERE. I might just be the biggest proponent of running outside, literally anywhere. Surely it’s much more fun to have a gander around the great outdoors rather than staying in one position staring at the wall in front? But hey that's just my opinion.

You don't get this array of foliage in the gym. Point made.

And then there’s the argument about weather, its raining blah blah. If you want to exercise you want to sweat right? If that’s not the case it’s probably best you just stop reading now. Actually just stop thinking. hush now. So you’re going to shower afterwards anyway right? (right?!). therefore a little extra water shouldn't affect you too much I believe same argument for if it’s muddy or too hot or cold etc.

Then theres the huge array of static exercises you can do at home – weights, core exercises, balancing etc of course not forgetting the lunge.

If you want reason to start, this is it. The bottom line is, if you want to exercise and get fit there is no reason to join a gym.

*I say this already being a member of a gym but that's because it's cheap so if money is not an issue then go for it if you love gyms and hate the outdoors!