Friday, 20 September 2013


There’s one fall-back place I can always return to at the start of every season, heck at the start of every week, for a little shopper’s inspiration.

This place is ZARA.

Also known as my own Mecca, or the best-value-for-money haven on the high street.
That is just one of the reasons for my adoration, the prices are just so goddamn reasonable. And you get pretty good quality. It’s like bargain hunting but more chic.

Another major pull of its whole composition of the garments – everything just glides together. There is a slick look that it sticks to and works bloody well not just for flash trends but over the long term too. I have years old pieces which are just SO ZARA (fitted black blazer anyone?) that I still wear over and over. And as well as being so functional and working with a tonne of outfit combos they also work superbly with the most recent of my ZARA purchases.
Its like a lovely big ZARA cycle of happiness which just keeps a’going.

I blame their ability to grab trends straight off the ruaway and run with them, apparently a process that only takes 2 weeks. Apparently so does Tom Ford ( 

Sorry, Tom but you’ve got to admit most people won’t be paying thousands for one ready-to-wear piece and your line just ain’t going to cut it. Although maybe for some such as Jay – “I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford” – Z. Daniel Piette of LVMH agrees that it is the bomb diggity, or something along those lines. (

Still, their ‘stealing’ of designs is slightly not ok but they also have so many pieces that seem to be the real deal – uh hello the infamous skort?

The brand is now worth over 30 million euro and has over 1700 stores worldwide, so no worries that it’ll be disappearing anytime soon…

In short…. I’m a ZARA maniac out and proud.